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irst Aid at Work is ideal for most businesses who has identified they need a qualified first aider. All courses are delivered, evaluated and quality assured to meet guidelines. These were set out by the HSE in October 2013 & meet requirements of the First Aid at Work regulations 1981.

  • Industry Body for First Aid Training - First Aid at Work
  • Key Points to note are:
  • This course must be at least 18 contact hours and run over a minimum of 3 days.
  • The certificate is valid for 3 years.
  • To renew you need to attend a 12 contact hour, 2 day FAW requalification course. The FAW course must be delivered as a 100% classroom course. or delivered via blended day one online with days two and three in the classroom.
  • Candidates completing our FAW courses receive access to our video library for refreshing skills and reference.
  • The HSE strongly recommend that all first aiders complete an annual refresher course. Online training meets this requirement.
aed course

AED Course

This course is for anyone who requires a course in Automated External Defibrillation? use. Learning AED is more important with the increase in the numbers of public assessable AEDs. As well as this, workplaces whose risk assessment indicates the need. They are easy to use with a little training and make a real difference to someone in cardiac arrest. If you have already completed any of our first aid courses, you will understand the importance of an AED. This makes this an ideal next course. To renew, complete the same course again.


Pediatric First Aid

This course meets and exceeds the requirements laid down b Ofsted, EYFS and SureStart. For people needing a 2 day, 12 contact hour first aid course for adult, infant and child. This group includes childminders and carers.

The HSE recommend that all first aiders complete an annual first aid refresher course. Our online course meets this requirement. Paediatric courses are approved by most councils across the UK.

If you want to save time in the classroom but still meeting the required hours, we offer a blended version (see below). You complete half the course using our online training then attend one day in the classroom.

Occupations that can use this course:

  • Childminders
  • Teachers
  • Day Nursery staff
  • Au Pairs
  • Nannies
  • School nurses

Paediatric (Blended DAY 2) 12 Hour Adult, Infant, Child First Aid Course

Our blended course offers a video based online training. This is completed before attending a day in the classroom with an instructor to complete the practical part. Paediatric courses are approved by most councils across the UK.

This offers an excellent alternative for those who are unable to attend a classroom only course. When you have successfully completed both the online & classroom modules, you will be issued a wall certificate & wallet card.

We are able to offer an alternative to the 2 days in the classroom. This is for childminders and carers who need to complete a Paediatric First Aid Course. Meaning you will comply with the requirements of Ofsted, EYFS and SureStart.

Occupations that can use this course:

  • Childminders
  • Teachers
  • Day Nursery staff
  • Au Pairs
  • Nannies
  • School nurses

Oxygen Provider Course


This course is aimed at anyone who requires a course in oxygen for first aid. The certificate is valid for 3 years and a recommended annual refresher. This course covers the basics of how to deliver oxygen in an emergency. Oxygen within first aid is an effective way of saving a life or promoting recovery. On this course you will learn the basics of how to assemble, use and disassemble an oxygen kit. Oxygen is simple skill but there are safety concerns, and these are also covered in full on the course.

Added to the course also is the use of bag valve masks (BVM) to deliver breaths without direct mouth contact. It delivers the breaths at 100% oxygen. This online course also covers the use of automatic or demand systems but will not cover medical gasses like Entonox.

Occupations that can use this course:

  • First Aiders
  • Hospital staff
  • Aviation
  • SCUBA divers including surface cover providers
  • Confined spaces
  • Military
  • Outdoor pursuits
  • FPOS candidates
  • Care workers
  • Council staff
  • Fire services

CPR/BLS Course

This course covers Basic Life Support skills including skills for Adult, Child & Infant. As well as healthcare variations on infant CPR if needed.

The course includes: Safety, precautions, initial assessment, recovery position, CPR, compression only CPR, CPR handover and choking.

This is ideal for nurses, care workers or medical professionals who need annual updates to complete membership. In most cases this course is ideal as an online only course. If you need a practical session as well we have a network of approved instructors. We can offer the course as blended including a short practical session.

The course is valid for one year. It complies with both the latest ERC & UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines. It can be done 100% online blended or classroom based.

Occupations that can use this course:

  • Firefighters
  • Nurses
  • Care Workers
  • Doctors
  • First Aiders
  • Medical workers
  • People needing basic CPR skills

First aid for all motorcyclists

Motorcyclists are at an increased risk of accidents. They are more likely to stop at another bike accident. Dealing with motorcycle accidents has other risks. You will be by a busy road and could be hit by another vehicle. This specialist course covers basic life support skills. As well as other injuries that could affect motorcyclists & safety by the roadside when dealing with an accident. This is a one day course and can be carried out locally or at your club. 

Call or email for more information and advice on what courses can help you, your family or your company.

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