National Water Safety Management Programme (NWSMP)

The NWSMP is a suite of interlinked training awards, specifically designed to assist those organisations with employees who work in, on or near water to meet their civil and statutory safety management obligations (especially where employees have supervisory responsibilities). E.g. teachers, technicians, outdoor activity instructors, countryside rangers, community safety wardens, dock workers, the emergency services.
It comprises of 3 levels, along with additional optional bolt-on modules.


Level 1 – Compulsory (Dry Based, i.e. candidates don’t actually get in the water)
For those working or supervising near water who do not have a definite intention to get into the water, e.g. a School Teacher taking a group on a field trip.


Level 2 (Low-level water activity up to thigh height)
For those who have a greater likelihood of getting closer to or in the water but with a definite intention to stay within standing depth, e.g. Construction Worker or Ranger
working at the margins, teacher taking pupils rock pooling, pond dipping, etc.
Candidates MUST complete and pass Level 1 before undertaking Level 2. 

Level 3 (In Water Rescue aimed at PROGRAMMED activities, but NOT free-swimming as this would require the NVBLQ qualification)
For those with clients/people under supervision who might be swimming out of their depth, e.g. Outdoor Pursuit Instructor leading a deepwater activity session, or those
leading/supervising programmed open water activities, e.g. canoeing, kayaking, relays, etc.
Candidates must complete and pass Levels 1 and 2 before
undertaking Level 3.


Aquatic Personal Protective Clothing (APPE)
Teaches how to competently use a buoyancy aid, lifejacket, wetsuit and drysuit, and to understand the APPE Regulations relating to inspection and servicing


Occupational Flood Safety
Covers a range of topics including associated hazards and risks, drowning prevention, comprehensive Water Safety Management Plans and safety measures when working near water, legal Issues and Personal Protective Equipment

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