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"CPDme offer an interactive online development portfolio builder and FREE mobile APP. Developed by Health and Social care professionals. CPDme enables you to easily document, demonstrate and produce a professional looking Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Portfolio. Our online format has been designed to assist in complying with the requirements of over 300 Health and Social care professions. No ongoing monthly costs, just a single affordable yearly fee".

roayl lif


RLSS UK - The UK's premier Education & Training Skills organisation for water safety, aquatic supervision & drowning prevention. RLSS UK is a Charity & Governing Body for Lifesaving Sport & Lead Industry Body for training Lifeguards. Setting standards and providing guidance and advice on aquatic safety.


Paramedics Australasia

Paramedics Australasia (PA) is the national professional association representing practitioners who provide paramedic services. Paramedic practitioners are known for their involvement in out of hospital emergency medical care. This is through their work with various Ambulance Service organisations throughout Australia. However, paramedics work in many environments. This includes community, industrial, military & universities as well as on humanitarian & relief operations.

sp services

SP Services Ltd

SP Services have always intended to supply only high quality products. From the smallest packet of plasters to the latest in automatic defibrillators. We have successfully done so for the last fourteen years and will continue to do so in the future. Top quality British companies supply the majority of our plasters, dressings and other consumables. These are licensed and approved by the Department of Health. Weekly deliveries are received from most suppliers & we hold about 1,250,000 of stock at any one time. This enables us to provide an immediate and uninterrupted supply to our customers.



RoSPA Advanced Drivers' and Riders, (RoADAR), is a section of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, (RoSPA), one of the foremost safety advisory and training organisations in the world.

road craft


Roadcraft Emergency Response Training Ltd - Specialist training providers to the Emergency Services.

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